Some things to note:
I'm not trying to list every site in the world. I'm trying to list the ones that I only came across by chance on tumblr or somewhere else and would like to locate after Tumblr goes down. Either they're important to me OR aren't listed in any of the databases I plan on linking. I'm banking on the chance that if it dies before neocities does, I've saved all the links I rely on. I have to move between devices often and can't entirely rely on local storage.
That said, don't rely on this website. It's maintained by one person as a side hobby. Get multiple backups or better yet, make your own backup!
I hope you find this useful or at least interesting to go through :)

To be added

000 - Databases

Search Engines - "an independant british search engine with its own growing index commited to fighting internet censorship. It's small, and therefore it's usability isn't as good as that of the Big Three, but it doesn't censor, it's fairly respectful of people's privacy, and it doesn't drown you in ads" -@queselevaaser, Tumblr - "a new indie project that is literally dedicated to bringing back the old-school web. It's goal is to index as many personalized websites as possible, and NOT commercial sites." -@queselevaaser, Tumblr

Queer and Transgender Health - Massive database of resources for the trans community. Everything from legal help to DIY HRT to presentation and makeup tips to mental health services. Very all encompassing, very new, very cool. - Not as all encompassing as but still very cool, based in Aussie

Education/College Courses

Edx - College courses

Coursera - More college courses, my personal favorite. Not all are free but 8,000 are


DoNotTrust - List of Neocities sites spreading misinformation. Why is this so funny to me?

Yesterlinks- Now links to Links still work if you copy and paste. I don't know why yesterlinks is down. I don't know if it'll ever be up again.

Instructables - DIY instructions database. Community driven.

Adulting Libguide

Artisans.Coop - Online "handmade" marketplace

NeoNeighborhoods - Neocities Index

Marginalia - Search Engine for obscure websites

100 - Computer science, information and general works


freeCodeCamp - favorite code teaching website. all the content is free, they have interactive courses, and you can get certified. email signup is needed to saving progress but not to just use the materials

Neocities Tutorials - Honestly not really a point in listing it, since if you're seeing this website you definitely know neocities, but might as well link it. - Made for teachers to use on classrooms of younger students, still a good resource that I hadn't heard of until years after I strongarmed my first learning in computer programming

Graphics and Fonts

DaFont- What I use for looking up fonts

200 - Physical science, mathmatics

Health and Medical Science - MEDICAL - A collection of notes from pre-med students at McGill

300 - Psychology and Mental Health

Embrace Autism - Extremely good resource on autism, also has resources for comorbrid conditions like ADHD, depression, anxiety, cptsd, etc. - All things social psychology. If you poke around a bit its genuinely a pretty massive resource

400 - Sociology, social sciences, and legal advice


Decolonize Palestine - Resources on decolonizing Palestine

500 - Political Theory and Philosophy - Internet Archive of Marxist texts

Proletarian Library - Neocities library on Marxist and associated communist texts

Anarchist Library - Internet Archive of Anarchist texts

600 - History and geography

General History

Acoup.Blog - Wordpress blog on general history I think

Palestine Academy - Website developed by an activist about Palestine history

USA/UK History

Legends of America - USAmerican History, possibly folktales?

Abandoned Places - History of abandoned places in USAmerica

Disabled History

Partners In Time - Developmental Disabilities Course

700 - Journalism

News Sites


MAKE ZINES ( - Neocities website, tutorial on how to make your own zines

800 – Languages

Language Learning

Duolingo - It's alright.

Busuu - Similar to Duolingo

Language Transfer - Audio-based

Mango Languages - Language learning if you have a library partnered with them, but they also have a bunch of free courses - Another one that libraries partner with a lot.

Clozemaster - I'm listing it because it was listed on Sadness's website, but they only let you do 30 practices a day before blocking you "unless you switch to premium". Fuck that. Still, I liked their practice because it tested me on a lot of words I hadn't seen in Duolingo yet, and I think I could advance faster with an accelerated pace like that. I only tried the Spanish version too. Do it at your own risk.

900 - Homesteading and prepping


Recipes and Cooking

Freckleskies (Recipes) - Neocities website with a few different recipes

so i got really into ramen - Neocities site, a couple of ramen recipes

Sad Bastard Cookbook - Very simple recipes for very low energy

Webstaurant Store - Bulk Food Commercial Website

Managemy.Coop - How to start a Buyers Club

Grow Forage Cook Ferment - Don't remember how I found this website, but it has a good amount of stuff on homesteading, growing, foraging, etc.

1000 - Arts and recreation


Gnoosic - For finding new music. You put bands you like in, it gives suggestions. - You can "navigate" the globe and find out what local radio stations are playing.

radiooooo - Apparently like radiogarden but with a timeline function. Haven't tried it personally.

Visual Art Application Software

Krita - Haven't tried it, free and open source


Miscellaneous - Color the cosmos. I like using it for calming down or when I feel like shit.

1100 - Literature

1200 - Miscellaneous


Cloudhiker - Modern day StumbleUpon. Click to see random website