Last Major Update: 12/29/23

Welcome traveler!

This is my little corner of the internet! If you want to visit the library, that's where I keep my link collection. There's still a LOT of stuff I need to add, but I'm chipping away at it one piece at a time.

I also just want to talk about my life and thoughts somewhere anonymous where people can see them, lol.

If these things sound interesting to you, you can follow my website on Neocities. I update infrequently and spontaniously, but I have regularly updated since 2021, so if you like infrequent consistency, feel free to stick around.

For my link collection, click here

For my blog, click here (WIP)

Upcoming projected changes section is currently down, I don't know if I'll return it or not yet

Wanna come in the library?


No posts yet! I've finally created this to be a section as of 12/28/23 though, which means I can start creating posts and have somewhere to put them!